8 box Golden throat lozenge jin sang zi hou pian Honeysuckle Soothing Drop金嗓子喉宝

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8 Boxes Golden throat lozenge jin sang zi hou pian Honeysuckle Soothing Drop金嗓子                                                  12 tablets each box                  ...
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8 Boxes Golden throat lozenge jin sang zi hou pian Honeysuckle Soothing Drop金嗓子

                                                 12 tablets each box

                                                    8 boxes is $20.9


China's Number one throat lozenge, official retailer for Golden Throat Ltd, direct supply from the company!

The Honeysuckle Soothing Drop (Golden Throat Lozenge) (金嗓子喉片) is researched by the renowned biologist-professor Wang Yao-Fa. The unique product is manufactured by the company especially for throat protection. The formula is distinctive with the accumulated experience of traditional Chinese medical science and cytology theory, specially produced by the essence of Watermelon Frost, Luohan Fruits, Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol Crystals and numerous other traditional Chinese medicine. With efficacy like clearer voice, throat protection, bad breath elimination etc. Totally poison-less and without side effect.

The product is processed by special prolong technique, so as to last longer the melting period, to enhance the concentration of medical ability and protracting the results.

A. Professionally protecting throat with cytology theory, eliminating throat residues, protecting 
throat cells and strengthening the activity of cells.

B. Concentration of medical ability, faster efficiency in a couple of minutes.
C. Unique prolong technique, ensuring slow function to strengthen the medical ability and results.
D. Fresher mouth and eliminate bad breath.

A. Hoarse, low and rough voice; soundless, congestion of vocal cords.
B. Uncomfortable throat: for teachers, performers, broadcasters, journalists salespersons, receptionists, escorts and singers.
C. Persons who enjoy hot foods, victims of polluted air-an excellent health product. 

A. Uncomfortable, itchy, cough, pain and congestion.
B. Dry, hot and sore throat.
C. Bad breath elimination.


[INGREDIENTS] Honeysuckle(flower bud), Chinese White Olive(fruit), Lohanguo Siraitia Fruit(Fruit of Fructus Momordicae), Red Tangerine(peel), Menthol, Cane Sugar, Dextrose Liquid, Star Anise Oil.

[ FUNCTIONS ] Soothe Throat and Mouth, Fresh and Cool, Detoxicate and Diminish inflammation, Hoarse Voice, Throat Protection, Bad Breath and so forth.
[ USE ] Hold in the mouth. One tablet, six tablets per day, seven days treatment.
[ STANDARD ] 10 Boxes total, 12tablets each box
[ EXPIRY ] Two Years.
[ STORE ] Seal Up. Keep in a Cool Dry Place, Keep Out of Reach of Children
[ PERMIT NO. ] GUO YAO ZHUN ZI No. B20020993

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