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  Name:  Yun Dao brand Pine pollen  Origin :  YunNan Province China NET Weight:  50 grams  / Bags    Stockpiling :Sealed packaging or Refrigerator freezer room. Dry and no direct sunshine. About   Pine pollen Pollen of the pine tree is the sperm cells from the stamen of the pine trees, and is the origin...
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Name:  Yun Dao brand Pine pollen 

Origin :  YunNan Province China

NET Weight:  50 grams  / Bags   

Stockpiling :Sealed packaging or Refrigerator freezer room. Dry and no direct sunshine.

About   Pine pollen

Pollen of the pine tree is the sperm cells from the stamen of the pine trees, and is the origin of the pine tree, assume the task of the repeoduction of the pines. It has the characteristic of the singleness and pure quality, stable ingredients, and no residue of any pesticides, or any kinds of the zoohormone. Compared to any other pollen, it has better taste, and slight fragrance when taking, so has been called “the king of pollen” and really deserves the reputation of “the flower of dragon, the spirit of flower, and the origin of beauty”. 

Indications and functions:

1 skin care:

Pine pollen boasts the abundance of the amino acid, various enzymes, natural vitamineA, C, E, phospholipid, the improtant materials as nucleic acid and other ingredients of skin care. Vitamine C contained in the pine pollen can slow down or stop the synthesis of the melanin, and keep the skin white. So it has the effect of activating the skin cells, making the skin more moistening and healthy, enhancing the elasticity of the skin, delaying the aging of the skin. In the foreign countries, the pine pollen has been called as “the origin of the cosmetics”, and “the source of the youth and health”.

 2 Delay aging. 

Pine pollen contains great anti-oxydation ingredients: Vitamine E, carotene and the microelement Se and so on, which can delay aging by resisting the lipid inside the body and the peroxydation of the protein. 

3 Regulate the dysfunction of the endocrine system:

Pine pollen contains great amount of the material of functionality(including protein, Vitamine, microelement and flavonoids), which coordinate with the body to regulate the vious functions of the body, balance the nourishment and accelarate the metabolism, prevent the permeability barrier of the capillary vessels and regulate the disorder of the endocrine system. 

4 Remove fatigue:

With the comprehensive nutrition, pine pollen can enhance your body conditions, spirit and the full recovery from the fatigue. In more and more countries like America, Finland, athletes usually improve their sports endurance by eating the pine pollen. People who take the pine pollen always have the vigorous spirit, powerful legs and feet, also get great improvement of their body conditions.

 5 Adjust the functions of stomach&intestines and relieve the constipation. 

With the comprehensive and natural nutrition, the pine pollen has special effect to the dysfunction of the stomach and intestines. It can also promote digestion, and keep the functions of the stomach in the normal way, have the more effective absorption of various nutrition. Besides, the pine pollen can promote the normal exudation of the gastric juice, activate the functions of the intestines, and it plays the part of purifying the intestine. It helps to shorten the time of the excrement staying in the colon, adjust and improve the metabolism of the colon to prevent the colon cancer. 

6 Guard the liver.

Pine pollen can promote the activities of the liver cells and the normal exudation of the bile. Taking it in advance, you will be kept away from the harms of alcohol, after drinking by taking it can promote the disintoxicating and recovery. 

7 Nourish the heart and blood vessels: 

Great adundance of pure natural nutrition contained in the pine pollen, for example, Magnesium can activate the enzyme system, and act as the carrier of transporting various of nutrition; Flavonoids can decrease the content of blood fat and cholesterol: Vitmines can increase the elasticity of the vascular wall, improve the microcirculation of the heart and brain. In addition, it will enhance the metabolism, regulate the endocrine syste and protect the heart and blood vessels. 

 8 Prostate diseases:

Many reports in Japan have introduced that, pine pollen is effective to heal the prostate diseases, with the success rate of 80%, meanwhile it can sexual ability. 

9 Regulate the endocrine system, provide the anti-anaphylaxis and cold-resisting protection. 

Long time taking, you can build up the endocrine system in your body to eliminate the allergic constitution, and get better effects of allergic rhinitis and asthma. Frequent taking will enhance the physical ability, improve the resistance and recovery of the cold. 

10 Anemia

Fe, Cu and protein contained in the pine pollen will heal anemia effectively by promoting the hematopoietic function and the growing number of the red blood cells, which can be increased by 20%. 

11 Gray hair 

The minerals such as S and pantothenic acid can turn the gray hair into black, protect and care the hair by frequent taking. 

12 Pimple

 Ample amount of vitamines, minerals Zn and Mg in the pine pollen have great effect to pimples and other skin diseases, such as dandruff, cosmetic allergy and so on. For example, VitamineA can moisten and nourish the pores, Vitamine B6 can promote the metabolism of the saturated fatty acid, make your skin not oily anymore and reduce the whelk. 

13 Gynecopathy

For the irregular menses, dysmenorrhea and climacteric syndrome, the pine pollen has amazing effect, for it can supply with enough nutrition, help the normal exudation and the uterine contraction to heal all kinds of gynecopathy. 

Usage and dosage:

Internal use:Once every morning and evening, 5-10g every time, children could reduce the amount. 

 External application: once every morning and evening, get it for 5-10g, stir it up with the clear water and daub it on the face, wash it away with clean water 10-15 minutes later.



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