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Barley grass powder Product Details This is 100g-500g of Young Barley Grass powder supplied in doypack pouch with grip and heat seal. What is Barley Grass Young barley grass is becoming more and more popular. It is used not only by those who care of healthy dietary supplementation. More and...
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Product Details
This is 100g-500g of Young Barley Grass powder supplied in doypack pouch with grip and heat seal.

What is Barley Grass

Young barley grass is becoming more and more popular. It is used not only by those who care of healthy dietary supplementation. More and more people discover that drinking barley grass juice restores powers and helps staying slim. Celebrities all over the world confess that barley grass juice and “green food” are permanent elements of their diet. Followed by their example, thousands of people become convinced that barley grass cocktails are effective. Low energy, weariness, headaches? Winter is over and it is reasonable to detoxicate your organism. Barley grass juice will perfectly do the job. Young barley grass belongs to the group of the, so called, “green food”. Young green barley shoots (approximately 7 days old) are dried in a special way and powdered. The drying process is rapid and takes place at low temperature, so not to deplete barley of its nutritional values. Nutritional substances are highly concentrated in young shoots (similarly to sprouts). The plant material is collected before those substances are used up by a growing plant. Resulting barley grass powder is consumed as a juice – mixed with water, fruit or vegetable juice. Barley grass juice is dark green and turbid. The powder contains no additives of any kind – it is a pure young barley grass powder.
Key information:
-A natural source of calcium,
-A rich source of potassium, magnesium and iron,
-A natural source of folic acid,
-Contains all essential amino acids.
Who should use barley grass?
Barley grass is good for everybody, over the age of 3 years.
It is particularly recommended for:
-people on weight-loosing diet,
-diabetics (clinical trials demonstrated that drinking barley grass juice has a significant effect on improved results of tests in patients with diabetes)
-individuals with anaemia, weakened, tired,
-patients with abnormally high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases
Weight loosing
Green barley grass is referred to as a “superfood”. It contains a complete set of vitamins, minerals and amino acids (all amino acids required by a human organism).
De-acidification of an organism

Green barley grass supports regulation of the acid-base metabolism. The correct pH value is one of conditions of normal function of the organism. Support of the cardiovascular system The strength of barley grass is in its colour! Chlorophyll supports combating anaemia. The compound stimulates haemoglobin production, increasing oxygen-binding abilities of blood. It makes selected tissues, including the heart and blood vessels, stronger.
Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect

Once again it is chlorophyll that counts. Green barley has an anti-inflammatory effect (for example, fighting inflammations of the oral cavity and skin), and a favourable effect on joints. Used externally, it supports wound healing.
For beauty and good feeling

Barley grass fights against free radicals, thought to be the principal cause of ageing. Additionally, the supplement supports cell regeneration, improves oxygenation of blood, detoxifies the organism. All those effect account for a better look, improved condition of skin, hair and fingernails. Amino acids contained in barley, along with its detoxifying effect, have a favourable effect on the general feeling: more energy and strength, better concentration, reduced susceptibility to stress.
Purification of the organism

Barley grass is believed to be a perfect detoxifying agent. It is definitely one of its principal benefits. A very high fiber content regulates metabolism, cleans bowels and accounts for improved absorption rate of nutrients.
Usage direction:
Green barley grass may be prepared in various ways and at various doses, depending on individual aims and needs.
Once daily, on empty stomach (20 minutes before the morning meal) as a water-based drink. 2 teaspoonfuls of barley grass dissolve in 150 ml of cold water and drink
Once daily, preferably in the morning, in a vegetable or fruit cocktail to your breakfast. Dissolve 2 teaspoonfuls of barley grass powder in a small volume of cold water and add the mixture to your cocktail or juice. This option is better for those who do not like the taste of barley with water.
3 times a day, 1 teaspoonful before each meal, dissolved in 150 ml of cold water.
Barley grass powder may be also added directly to meals (for example, to soups), but they must not be hot. Therefore it is not a suitable option for those who like hot meals.
In the very beginning the daily dose may be reduced to 1 teaspoonful instead of two, as the product has a minor laxative effect. However, the initial reduction is not required. Do not dissolve the powder in hot water, as high temperature leads to significantly reduced effectiveness of the product.
The basic barley grass drink
2 teaspoonfuls of barley grass powder,
150 ml of cold water,
Dissolve barley in cold water. Drink freshly prepared.
Sample recipes with barley grass. You can compose your cocktails and juices as you like, using your favourite and currently available products.
Barley grass with orange and lemon juice
150 ml of barley juice
juice from one orange
juice from a half of a lemon
Combine the ingredients and mix well. Citrus fruit give the nice, fruity and slightly sour taste.
A cocktail with barley grass, kiwi, lime and orange.
juice from one orange,
juice from a half of a lime,
kiwi fruit,
barley grass drink (or powder)
Combine the ingredients and blend. The lime will give the cocktail a refreshing note, and kiwi will provide a nice texture.
A cocktail with barley grass, banana and lemon.
1 banana,
juice from a half of a lemon,
150 ml of barley grass drink,
Blend all the ingredients.
Nutritious, satiating cocktail – great start of a day.
Vegetable cocktail with barley grass and millet.
1 sprig of celery,
1/4 bunch of fresh parsley,
1/3 of green cucumber,
12 apple (with skin, without seed nests)
2 tablespoonfuls of cooked millet,
a handful of fresh spinach leaves,
2 teaspoonfuls of barley grass,
salt, pepper,
optional ingredient: natural yoghurt,
Blend all vegetables with barley grass powder. Add several drops of water, if the cocktail appears to thick. Spice up to your taste.
Very tasty, also with natural yoghurt.
Any particular vegetable may be replaced to another, according to your taste and availability of products, millet may be exchanged to any other cooked groats.
With millet the cocktail is a very satiating breakfast.
Several times a year it is good to detoxify your organism. Accumulation of toxins is inevitable. Besides, out alimentary tract is used to highly processed food, lazy with deficiency of vegetables and fruit during a winter season, and requires purification and stimulation.
Organism purification is a relatively easy process that everybody is able to complete. The process should last at least 1 week, and preferably 2 weeks.
Week 1.
reduce your servings (not drastically!)
your menu should involve vegetables, fruit, groats and grains,
limit you dairy product consumption to fermented products (yoghurt, kefir, buttermilk).
Do not eat hard cheese or butter. However, do not forget to consume vegetable oils, because some vitamins are fat-soluble,
do not eat any meat at all (including fish), quit drinking coffee, tea and alcohols, avoid white flour products (it is best to put all flour products aside for a while)
supply liquids – approximately 2 litres a day. Drink non-carbonated water, green tea, herbal teas,
Supplement – natural supplements supporting the purification products are recommended: green barley grass or algae,
Week 2.
Still keep to the recommendations for the week 1. You may gradually re-introduce meat, dairy products, but wholegrain bread is still recommended (it is best to change white bread into wholegrain bakery products for good).
Avoid the following:
fatty, stodgy meals
highly processed food
Remember that detoxification is not a starvation diet. Limitation of food to the minimum is not the point. Eat as much as you need, but choose those products that support purification, contain much dietary fibre and are rich in nutrients.
Particularly recommended products:
groats – especially millet that has a alkalinizing effect, de-acidifies and purifies the organism,
quinoa grain – from Quechua kinwa. It is calcium-rich, very tasty, and a perfect substitute of groats or rice for your dinner,
green barley grass or algae as a dietary supplement,
Taste of barley grass.
The taste and smell of barley is most commonly referred to as resembling hay. Green barley grass drink is green, turbid, with a grainy texture. Some say the taste of barley grass is neutral, others do not like it. That is not a problem, because barley goes well with pressed juices, fruit and vegetable cocktails. As an admixture, the taste of barley is almost absent, and cocktails themselves are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients. Check out our recipes with barley grass.

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