Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong Baxian Oolong Tea Feng Huang Dancong Tea

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Chinese Chaozhou Spring Phoenix Dancong Baxian Oolong Tea Feng Huang Dancong Tea

Product Description

Product Name: Baxian Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea
Grade:  SSS
Tea Origin Guangdong, China
Store Conditions:  Cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.
Tea leaves (Dried):  The dry tea strips are tight and straight, which is larger than other dancong teas, dark brown.
Aroma:  Refreshing and slightly sweet, with a pronounced scent of Zhilan.
Infusion: Golden yellow.

The origin of the name Baxian was that in 1989, wudong tea farmers  cut the branches from a large black leaf dancong tea tree in Yahou Village and plant them, and finally only eight branches were successfully planted. After that, Baxian was praised in the local tea evaluation, because it was just eight strains, so he was joked as if the Eight Immortals crossed the sea(One of the legends in China). This tea species was originally called "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea" and later referred to as "Baxian(Eight Immortals)".

Tea Standard



Because all of our tea is Natural crops,so different batch maybe have different taste, but we insure that the same Grade is the same quality!

This Grade Explain is the same kinds Tea comparison,it will very distinct if you carefully taste!!No comparison no harm!! 

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