2017 Spring Raw Materials Shen Puer Tea Bu Lang Zhen Wei Raw Puer Tea 357g

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2017 Spring Raw Materials Shen Puer Tea Bu Lang Zhen Wei Raw Puer Tea 357g

Product Description

Product Name: Bu Lang Zhen Wei Shen Puer Tea
Manufacturer: Yunnan Lincang Yongde Xiulin Puer Tea Factory
Production license number: SC11453011119542
Production date: 2017
Net weight: 357g / Pc
Origin: Yunnan, China
Storage: Ventilation, cool, dry, no odor, long-term preservation in a pollution-free environment.
Raw materials: Yunnan Bu Lang aged tree spring large-leaf tea raw materials

This Pu'er, an ancient tree with a taste of Bu Lang, is made by the spring ancient tree tea from the Bulang Mountain about 200 years old. In the same tea, the aroma is very unique and heavy. You can feel the orchid fragrance and sweetness in the mouth. The bitter taste melts in the mouth, bitter but not astringent. The tea soup is not turbid, the tea base has excellent toughness, and there is no broken tea in it, which has a high collection value. There is not much material, and only about 1500 pieces are all made.

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Because all of our tea is Natural crops,so different batch maybe have different taste, but we insure that the same Grade is the same quality!

This Grade Explain is the same kinds Tea comparison,it will very distinct if you carefully taste!!No comparison no harm!! 

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Customer Reviews

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Great Quality and Taste

This stuff is AMAZING right before bed, pinch of cinnamon, dash of turmeric, pinch of ginger, splash of honey, splash of oat milk in this super AWESOME tea and I am right to sleep. I have struggled my entire life falling asleep.

Thank you very much for your review.

Lawrence E

This product has nice whole tea leaves, some golden tips and a delicious robust yet smooth flavor. Will definitely purchase again.

we reallyappreciate your support

Awesome tea! Absolutely the best!!

Very good tea, great flavor. Big fan!

Thanks for your review.


First time to try this brand. Really good tea that fills the room with the smell of aromatic spices.

Thank you very much

William Pulver
Great value for a good product.

This tea is delicious either hot or cold. Im actually put it in Glass and made sun tea out of it. Great value.

Thanks for the comment

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