印度尼西亚天然燕窝燕子燕窝AAAA级燕窝100%纯天然 50g Indonesia Tian Ran Yan Wo Yan Zi Yan Wo

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50g Natural Big Pieces Swallow Bird Nest Bird's Nest Indonesia Grade AAAA  燕窝 燕碎 50g From Indonesia, super grade bird's nest 100% Natural Indonesia Swallow Bird Nest   来自印尼,特级燕窝 100%纯天然印度尼西亚燕窝.   Why choose us? The shredded swallow/broken bird nest sold by our shop takes 100% pure natural bird's nest from...
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50g Natural Big Pieces Swallow Bird Nest Bird's Nest Indonesia Grade AAAA  燕窝 燕碎
From Indonesia, super grade bird's nest
100% Natural Indonesia Swallow Bird Nest
Why choose us?
  • The shredded swallow/broken bird nest sold by our shop takes 100% pure natural bird's nest from Indonesia as raw material. It does not brush glue or dye white in the whole process. It keeps the original nutrition of bird's nest as far as possible, so that everyone can buy it at ease and eat it at ease.
  • Although it is broken bird's nest, it also has 6-8 times the foaming rate and the same nutritional value.
  • Source of broken bird's nest:
The cuttings from the whole bird's nest.
The debris from the transport of bird's nest.
So the nutritional value of the broken swallow bird's nest is the same as that of the whole swallow bird's nest.
  • 本店销售的燕碎以来自印尼的纯天然燕窝为原材料,全程不刷胶,不染白,尽可能的保持燕窝原汁原味的营养成分,让大家买的放心,吃得安心。
  • 虽然是燕窝碎,但同样拥有6-8倍的发泡率,同样的营养价值。
  • 燕碎的来源:
The nutrition of bird's nest mainly includes :
Water-soluble protein, carbohydrate, trace elements calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and amino acids (lysine, cystine and arginine) which play an important role in promoting human vitality.
The nutritional analysis of bird's nest is as follows
  • Bird's nest unique protein content of bioactive molecules, help the growth of human tissue, development and recovery after disease;
  • Carbohydrates are the main source of heat in the body. They complement each other with protein, so that protein plays a role other than providing heat and can also promote the metabolism of fat.
  • The epidermal growth factor and water-soluble substances in bird's nest can directly stimulate cell division, regeneration and tissue reconstruction, making bird's nest plays a great role in the nourishment and recovery of human body;
  • Calcium can enhance the clotting ability of the blood when the skin is damaged, and also help the body absorb vitamin B12;
  • Bird's nest is rich in minerals, active proteins, collagen and other nutrients, among which epidermal growth factor and water-extracted substances can strongly stimulate cell regeneration, division and tissue reconstruction.
Bird's nest effects
  • As the content of sialic acid in bird's nest is as high as 7%-11%, so sialic acid is also called bird's nest acid. Sialic acid is mainly used to promote brain development, antivirus, improve immunity, beauty and so on.
  • Bird's nest has the effect of nourishing Yin, nourishing lung, replenishing qi and tonifying spleen and stomach. At the same time, bird's nest is rich in water-soluble protein, amino acids and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, which has a good effect on delaying aging and enhancing human immunity.
  • Women during pregnancy appropriate consumption of bird's nest, the baby's brain development and intellectual development, have a good promoting effect, can be called "brain gold" (this product can not replace medicine)
  • 燕窝独特的蛋白质成份含量的生物活性分子,有助于人体组织的生长、发育及病后复原。
  • 碳水化合物是身体热量的主要来源,与蛋白质相辅相成,使蛋白质发挥提供热量以外的功能,也可促进脂肪的代谢。
  • 燕窝中所含有的表皮生长因子和燕窝的水溶性物质可直接刺激细胞分裂、再生、组织重建,使得燕窝对人体的滋补、复原起着很大的作用。
  • 钙质可以增强血液在皮肤破损时的凝结能力,也帮助人体吸收维他命B12 。
  • 燕窝中含有丰富的矿物质、活性蛋白质与胶原质等营养,其中的表皮生长因子和水提物质能够强烈刺激细胞再生、分裂和组织重建。
  • 由于燕窝中唾液酸含量高达7%-11%,所以唾液酸又称为燕窝酸,唾液酸主要有促进大脑发育、抗病毒、提高免疫力、美容养颜等功效。
  • 燕窝具有养阴润肺、益气补脾胃的功效,同时燕窝含有丰富的水溶性蛋白、氨基酸及钙、磷、铁等微量元素,对于延缓衰老、增强人体免疫力都有不错的功效。
  • 女士在怀孕期间适当食用燕窝,对宝宝的脑部发育及智力发展,都有不错的促进作用,堪称“脑黄金”(本品不能代替药物)
How to  Stew bird's nest?
                     Bird's nest stew process, easy to enjoy delicious bird's nest
  • Soak
Put the bird's nest in a bowl and add mineral water to soak for 6-8 hours. The bird's nest is translucent.
  • Filter:
Filter and change the water, change the water several times with the strainer, and clean up the feather.
  • Cook:
Stewed bird's nest. Put the bird's nest into the stew cup, add water over the bird's nest, put into the 300W electric stew cup, stew quickly for half an hour.You can also put the stew cup in the pot , turn from the big fire to boil a gentle fire for 20-30 minutes.
How to eat?
  • The therapeutic value of bird's nest lies in the persistence, and it takes a period of time to have an effect. For friends who want to improve their physical immunity, nourish Yin and improve their beauty, and prolong their lives, they can eat 1 or 2 bowls of bird's nest every week (5g each time).Or eat a teaspoon of bird's nest (about 2 grams) every morning,
  • After a period of time, you will slowly feel that your body and skin are changing, and your body is better and your skin is better.
  • 泡:soak
  • 滤:filter
  • 煮:cook
  • 燕窝的食疗价值贵在坚持,需要食用一段时间才有效果,对为了提升体质免疫力,滋阴养颜,延年益寿的朋友来说,可以每星期食用1、2碗燕窝(每次5g左右);或者每天早晨前吃一汤勺燕窝(约2g),
  • 坚持食用一段时间后,大家会慢慢感受到自己的身体状况、皮肤状态都在发生变化,身体更棒,皮肤更好了。

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